Peacock Dinner Club 2 in Stockholm is underground. A ramp leads the visitor down a corridor to the heart of the building below street level. –We wanted to create an environment that has an unrealistic and dreamlike sense to it, says Andreas Lyckefors. Somebody once described entering Peacock is like entering the land of Narnia where different materials, light effects and patterns dissolve one space into another.

The interior is designed to allow the Peacock Dinner Club to transform from restaurant in the early hours into a vibrating house club later in the night. LED-light behind perforated wooden panels and chain curtains along white plastered walls creates the atmosphere of intimate dinner and by adding light and music the space slowly transforms into a lively dance haven. Custom designed furniture in golden fabric are multifunctional. Visitors may sit comfortably in them eating and when urged move to the back using the seat as a dance podium.

The layout of the space is centered around the bar and the seats are made in horse shoe shaped booths all facing the bar. A slight altitude is gained in for every row of tables in an arena like organisation where the view is central to the visitor.

When Peacock is at is best it can be compared with a stormy ocean, Andreas Lyckefors says. -People everywhere, dancing all over the place and on top of furniture. That is when the transformation is completed!

Photos by Åke E:son Lindman

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