Gullmarsstrand is an independently owned and operated hotel and conference facility with a magnificent location on the shore of Fiskebäcksskil, in Bohuslän.

For more than two decades the owners, have developed a small hotel into a first class facility for meetings, weddings and summer tourism. During that process architecture and design has more and more become as a trademark for a facility devoted to contemplation and calmness. Our latest work for Gullmarsstrand is a new main entrance building due for completion during the spring of 2010. The building, which is an addition to the original hotel building, is designed as a semi-transparent front welcoming the guests with warm glowing light radiating out between a slender oak latticework.

Earlier projects include interior for an off-shore sauna and relax building with corian walls and massive oak floors and carpentry [2009], a new guest room interior design concept, with custom made furniture and fittings [2009] and a new guest room building [2009]. Over the years the projects has resulted in a number of custom made design products such as guest room tables and bedside tables, washbasins and interior design fittings.






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